Choosing the best Dab Rigs for you

If you are new to the dab scene then browsing around may have you feeling like you will need an advanced degree in mechanical engineering to understand all of the different dab rig choices available. Do not worry it is not as complicated as it sounds and I will break it all down for you in this report. First, let’s be sure we are all on the same page and understand what a dab rig does. Put simply, a dab rig is a specific Type of smoking apparatus used for oils, extracts, wax etc… Many¬†Dab Rigs are water filtered, but you will notice some springs with this list which do not hold water. There are 2 major components to a rig. You have got the body of this rig and you have got the nail. The nail is the sexy part that vaporizes your own targets. The body is the most important part of the rig which holds water and smoke if applicable.

best Dab Rigs

When it comes to choosing a dab Rig the options seem near endless. This is the reason some folks become overwhelmed when it comes to picking a rig. To make things simple, I will list out a few of the most popular kinds of dab rigs plus provide you some pros and cons of each. This may not be the technical term, but it is the term that I use for the dab rig pictured above. I would say the average elevation on these rigs is 9 inches, but do not be surprised to see them at a massive variety of sizes. Normally, this style rig will be smaller than your typical bong. These Rigs excel in both function and fashion, and that’s why these are becoming hugely popular. The water filtration will help deliver nice smooth strikes. Based upon the size it might fit nicely in your hand or it might be better suited to sit on a desk as you use it.

Lastly, this quintessential style dab rig is created by several glass artists giving you lots of choices at a number of price points. The rivalry between glass blowers makes these springs really reasonably priced. If you are starting out and searching for a great all around rig then highly recommend this style. 1 drawback to these is your dimensions. If you are searching for something that’s easy to travel with then this is not the thing to do. No worries, there is still plenty of choices left on this listing. Being all in one makes this rig quite mobile, but the battery limits how much it could be utilized. Another downside is these are inclined to deliver smaller strikes than a conventional nail. If you are not seeking to take enormous rips anyway then this might be a fantastic selection for you.